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Veterans and Prisoners

National hero Assad was killed

Tuesday, Novermber 6th, 2012 (16 Aban 6376 ) in the city of “Erbil”, Kurdistan. Asad Amir Zarza {اسعد امیری زرزا}, my old comrade and Babak-like warrior, lost his life to infernal Islamists in the unjust battle he fought for humanistic ideals and freedom from tyranny. Six years ago I saw …

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Execution of “Arash” and “Bardia”

On Thursday January 28th 2010 the Islamic Regime executed two API members who had been in custody. Mohamad-Reza Ali-Zamani (known as Bardia within the organization), leader of the “Simorghe Ariay”, had been arrested in fall of 2009. He was put on trial for “pursuing activities that aim at the regime’s …

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