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Kisia Tondar

Answer to “Tondar makes me laugh”

Syrus Safdari writs in Iran Affairs Tondar makes me laugh Mildly amusing article in the Wall Street Journal today about “Tondar” — one of those Exile TV outfits that rants and spits bile from LA about how a bunch of aging dinosaurs are going to “overthrow the regime.” etc. Believe …

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Execution of “Arash” and “Bardia”

On Thursday January 28th 2010 the Islamic Regime executed two API members who had been in custody. Mohamad-Reza Ali-Zamani (known as Bardia within the organization), leader of the “Simorghe Ariay”, had been arrested in fall of 2009. He was put on trial for “pursuing activities that aim at the regime’s …

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Wall Street Jornal writes about TONDAR

U.S.-Iran Feud Hits L.A. By TAMARA AUDI LOS ANGELES — Amid the ongoing war of words between the U.S. and Iran, one of the more unusual broadsides from Tehran is that a terrorist organization bent on overthrowing its government has for years used America’s second-largest city as a safe haven. …

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