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Kisia Tondar

National hero Assad was killed

Tuesday, Novermber 6th, 2012 (16 Aban 6376 ) in the city of “Erbil”, Kurdistan. Asad Amir Zarza {اسعد امیری زرزا}, my old comrade and Babak-like warrior, lost his life to infernal Islamists in the unjust battle he fought for humanistic ideals and freedom from tyranny. Six years ago I saw …

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Failed terror attack on Mohsen Bapiri

Last Thursday, September 27th 2012, Mohsen Bapiri, a member of the Kingdom Assembly of Iran (Anjomane Padeshahye Iran), was attacked in Bodø , Norway, by four agents of the Islamic Republic. He had been stabbed seven times and is under the care of Norwegian authorities in the hospital. The police …

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