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Member of the Kingdom Assembly of Iran murdered in Qhom prison

Today, “Vahid Sayadi Nasiri”, a member of “The Kingdom Assembly of Iran” (Anjoman-e Padeshahi-e Iran, short API), was killed in prison by agents of the Islamic regime of Iran.

After being involved in the post-election protests of 2008 and having realized that the movement against the re-election of Ahmadinejad was losing traction, “Vahid” looked for a better alternative. He shortly thereafter found and joined the “Kingdom Assembly of Iran”.

He was actively involved in social media for the “Kingdom Assembly of Iran”. Most of the promotional graphics on the main homepage of have been created and implemented by him.

“Vahid” was proud to carry the Member Code 50151 and his friends knew him well as “Shapur Zol-aktav” on Facebook.

Today, in an 18-minute video recording, Jamshid Sharmahd, the spokesman of the “Kingdom Assembly of Iran”, condemned the sinister and cowardly act of murdering prisoners by the weak Islamic alliance.

“This is the ultimate cowardice and paltry of a government that is forced to keep a member of the Assembly in a detention center for criminals, and in the end, to take his life,” he said. “This is the greatest misfortune and show of weakness of a government that fears the existence of even a single member of the “Kingdom Assembly of Iran” and can only confront them when imprisoned. But we do not respond to this insolence, unanswered.”

Mr. Sharmahd stated that this murder was committed in response to the increasing activity of the “Kingdom Assembly of Iran”, while starting their “Path of Cyrus”* campaign. In his 18-minute message, he spoke of a “painful and bloody response”.

The two MP3-files published here and here were between Sharmahd and Nassiri discussing about possible security leaks leading to his first arrest.

During the conversation Nassiri states that he cannot stay in Iran anymore as the Islamic Regime is threatening him with further incarceration if he does not cooperate. Nassiri says he does not want to comply with their demands, nor does he want to stay in the country anymore. He proposed the Assembly step in to aid in his escape. The same week a decision was made to remove him out of the country, but ultimately failed as he was captured.

*A code name for an operation to overthrow the Islamic Regime

Conversation part 1

Conversation part 2