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“The Kingdom Assembly of Iran” assumed responsibility for explosion in “Shahroud” Refinery

596814765277380421707070527On Friday the 16th of the month of Mehr (October 7th, 2016), at 1:30 am, the Peshmerga (Predestined To Die Outfit) of “The Kingdom Assembly of Iran” (Anjoman-e Padeshahi-e Iran aka API), detonated a powerful explosive next to one of the petroleum tanks of the “Shahroud” Refinery, and this detonation set the entire area afire and demolished the entire facility.

In this operation, according to the previously planned work, there were no human casualties, and the entire group of the Bardia faction (Anjoman-e Bardia) returned to their previous safely.

Spokesman of the Bardia faction, after giving permission to publish this attack in his audio report, stated that this facility was like thousand other economic assets which are under the control of the Commander of the Sepahe Pasdaran outfit, also known as the “commanders of the 60’s era”. According to the report, “Sepahis consider the wealth of the Iranian Public as their inheritance from their whore mothers and therefore are not accountable to anyone”. He further states that “We shall not permit those bastards swallow a drink of water in peace, much less we shall not permit those illegitimate sons of Seyyeds (the posterity of Prophet Mohammad) to plunder the wealth of the Iranian youth.

He also pointed out that: “Combative activities of the organization continues to expand, both numerically as well as categorically. We are asking our compatriots to stay away from Pasdar and Basiji neighborhoods. Do not associate with them. Do not work for them. Do not have economic dealings with them. We cannot always work with such precision and guarantee the safety of innocent bystanders.”

It should be called to your attention that API in its declaration of Shahrivar the 27th, gave notice to the Commander of the Pasdaran that for the next 120 days API will limit its activities to warning activities. During the past three weeks we have performs two acts of this nature successfully with no casualties.

The news media within the regime are not permitted to publicize API acts, and usually when API assumes responsibility for such acts authorities immediately go into action and censor the relevant news.

This foolish reactions of the pasdaran in the past weeks reached such proportions that when the official News Service of the Regime (IRNA) leaked information about the “Abdanan” sound-bombing, the pasdaran panicked and forced the network to briefly shut down.

It is clear, as the number of API attacks increase, this controlling function will fail. In the meantime, we are urge Iranians to propagate our published materials and distribute our Declaration of Intent of Shahrivar 27th to prevent human losses resulting from or in progress of API attacks.

Translated by: Armen A. Saginian, PE.
From Persian language
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