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“The Kingdom Assembly of Iran” (API) assumes responsibility in the sound bombing in “Abdanan”

Sassanid Persian Cataphract – Sassanian Helmet from Ardeshir Radpour.

Since September 17th, 2016, “The Kingdom Assembly of Iran” or API has been distributing a declaration throughout various cities of Iran, with intent to overthrow the Islamic Regime.

The declaration states that the API assumes responsibility for a sound bomb that was detonated atop a hillside near “Abadanan”, and was to serve as the beginning of their plans to overthrow the Islamic Government of Iran.

It further states that this warning attack is one of many more to come and that the magnitude and frequency of their actions will only increase in the future. There were no casualties reported.

The full declaration can be read in its entirety below.

Content of Declaration: A 120 days’ notice by “The Kingdom Assembly of Iran”  to Islamic Republic.

O ye, the governors of the Islamic Republic, and ye cleric Khamnei and sworn slaves of the Ministry of intelligence and Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), “Quds Force” and “Khātam al-Anbiyā” Branches, and ye the commanders of unjust Judicial Power, and ye Speaker of the House “Majles” and Representatives of the Basiji, read and be informed:

 The people of Iran do not want you!

 “The Kingdom Assembly of Iran” has decided to cleanse our Aryan Homeland from your dirty presence, and to put an end to your thirty-eight years of freeloading off of our nation.

Based on this decision, we the Freedom Fighters (“Pishmarge”) of “The Kingdom Assembly of Iran” will, for the next 120 days after the issuance of this declaration, limit our activities to only forewarning and  informative activities.

At the end of that period you will either bow to the demands of the Iranian people, or you will die trying to resist, down to the last person.

Should you decide to persist and stay, we have sworn to transform Iran into a Living Hell for all of the Pasdaran and the Basiji.

Do not fool yourselves that by saturating the atmosphere with security elements, increasing the number of spying cameras in public squares and intersections, and increasing arrests, executions and torture of Iranian youth, you can dam-up this flood of rebellion. In the Province of Ilam, on Friday the 19th of Shahrivar, 1395 Moaviyeh, a powerful sound-bomb was deployed on top of a hill overlooking the quarters of the Pasdaran, in the City of “Abdanan”, powerful enough to be heard all over the city. Consider the effect of this explosion and think. The number of such activities will increase in coming 120 days. “The Kingdom Assembly of Iran” will do its best not to harm innocent bystanders in performing

their sworn duties, but, in the meantime, we are asking and urge you, our dear compatriots, to avoid all and any areas where the Pasdars and Basijies stay, dwell, and/or congregate, and do not associate with them, in order to preserve your own lives and well being.

O ye, young female and male Iranian lion-cubs who read this declaration. Like any other

woman or man fighter, you too should join the ranks of those in “The Kingdom Assembly of Iran”, who have committed their lives to shorten the length of these dark days. You too should become an active warrior of the “The Kingdom Assembly of Iran” in your neighborhoods. Take on the responsibility and support your comrades by sharing information, teaching ways and means of combat, propagating information and helping out financially.

Approved and adapted in the congress of Tehran, in the month of Shahrivar, by the delegates of Anjoman Bardiy, Anjoman Farhad, Anjoman Behzad Hamadani, Anjoman Firouz-nehavandi, Anjoman Bahman Jazuye, Anjoman Khake-Pak, Anjoman Kaveh-Ahangar, in the Central and Western provinces,

on Saturday the 27th of Shahrivar, 1395 Moavieh. (Saturday September 17th, 2016)

Translated by: Armen A. Saginian, PE.
From Persian language
Original text: /content/2016/09/9848.html

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