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Open Letter: From “The Kingdom Assembly of Iran” to Commander of “Sepahe Pasdaran”

Jamshid Sharmahd
Mr. Jamshid Sharmahd

Since last week August 6th 2016, this Open Letter has been posted to the doors of the homes and gathering sites (such as work and military bases) of the members of the “Sepah” and “Basij” throughout Iran, as their final warning.

This letter is directed to the general “Mohammad Ali Jafari”. He is the Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC). This institution has been controlling 90% of Iran’s economy for more than 38 years.

Although the IRGC is living in and running their business out of Iran, it doesn’t include the name “Iran” in its official name. In truth, they are disgusted and hate to call themselves “Iranian”.

The duty of the IRGC, as his Major General “Mohammad Ali Jafari” defines, is primarily “to protect the achievements of the Islamic Revolution” and only secondary to protect the country. But this foreign institution acts as a secondary and unneeded government, controlling so called “elected parliament” and dictate who the Supreme Leader is. That is why destroying and removing the IRGC is the primary goal of “The Kingdom Assembly of Iran”.

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Content of Open Letter: From “The Kingdom Assembly of Iran” to Commander of “Sepahe Pasdaran”.

Commander “Mohammad Ali Jafari”, you have been commanding this organization (The Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution), which was founded using Iranian funds, for 38 years and are responsible for its activities.

At the time it was falsely claimed that it is dedicated to safeguard the Miserable (Mostazafin) and was to translocate them “from places to palaces”.

However, after three decades, the name of this organization is synonymous with embezzlement of enormous sums of public funds and property, drug dealing, legalized pimping, slave trading, oppression of patriots, and protecting the regime of turbaned cleric traitors. Existence of this “Sepah” is not only defaming for the “Sepah”, but detrimental to the safety of the nation of Iran. This danger has weakened Iran to the point that small, lately established, insignificant nations that did not exist a century ago dare to interfere with the affairs of this seven-thousand old glorious nation.

For the past three decades the major powers of the world have conducted a policy that sacrifices Iran to Islam for their own benefit.

I am addressing this letter to you, on behalf of “The Kingdom Assembly of Iran”, to make sure that every single parson under your command becomes aware of what we think and is not fed a series of lies. This letter is being distributed in all “Sepah”– and “Basij”– Centers.

farmandeh-sepahI am warning you that a blood-soaked battle is on its way, and your intelligence units have seen the signs of this coming battle. Be informed that the losers in this battle will be the “Sepah” and “Basij”, who will be burned in the fire of the wrath of our Iranian youth.

The Iran of the future has no need for these two institutions. You can make a wise decision by preventing such a bloody carnage, and make our job easier and simpler. We expect that instead of licking the filth off of the feet of the turbaned clerics, you will act as the worthy and upstanding servants of Iran.

I am putting you on notice that fighters of “The Kingdom Assembly of Iran” and her allies will have no pity on you. From this point on, anything and everything which is related to you and your organization of “Pasdaran”, regardless of its nature, will be labeled as a target and will be attacked.

Be informed and know, losing life for the existence and longevity of clerics and their rule, who have already sold you and yours, commands no glory. You will find no sanctuary neither with the clerics nor with the foreign powers that support them. Believe me and rest assured that even after your death not even the maggots will find pleasure in devouring your rotten corpse.

Long live Iran

By Mr. Jamshid Sharmahd
On behalf of “The Kingdom Assembly of Iran”
Saturday 16th of Mordad, 1395 (August 6th 2016)

Translated by: Armen A. Saginian, PE.
From Persian language
Original text:

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