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National hero Assad was killed

Tuesday, Novermber 6th, 2012 (16 Aban 6376 ) in the city of “Erbil”, Kurdistan. Asad Amir Zarza {اسعد امیری زرزا}, my old comrade and Babak-like warrior, lost his life to infernal Islamists in the unjust battle he fought for humanistic ideals and freedom from tyranny.

Six years ago I saw him for the first time in the prison of “Urmia”. It did not take me long to become fascinated by his combating spirit. We made a pact to never break the resistance and to never give up.

We promised to compensate for our failures. We promised that wherever we might be, whatever circumstance we would found ourselves in, we would keep fighting with whatever means we had. We promised we would not complain, we promised we would find no excuses. We promised not to rest, we promised to withstand. We promised that we will win.

He was accused of “acting against national security”, membership in the “Koumeleh Party”, and promotion of turbulence. I was accused of membership in the “Kingdom Assembly of Iran”. He was sentenced to 12 years and I got 3 years of detention.

The mistake of the Islamic regime was not to kill us when they had the chance. The regime knew Assad’s bellicose spirit very well. The moment he stood in front of the city council of “Oshnuyeh” to set the disgraceful flag of the Islamic Republic on fire, the moment he got involved with the people in charge to change the miserable conditions in prison, the moment he managed to narrow the stage of Islamic drug dealers in jail, the moment he rubbed the snouts of various “Jashha” and traitors in the prison’s dirt- at least then the Regime should have killed him.

He was not allowed to have visitors. He was not eligible for parole or home visits. Even when his mother and later his father died, he was not allowed to attend the funeral. He was constantly oscillating between solitary confinement and regular confinement.

After his release from prison, Assad taught hundreds of young Iranian freedom fighters the art of defense and battle. The last lesson his students learned was the form and custom to die for somebody and the sacrificing one’s life in the pursuit of freedom for the homeland.

It makes me proud to see that the Islamic Regime has so much hate against us. This indicates that we have done our jobs well. This indicates that our way is worthwhile.

Assad was killed in this battle with his head held high. I hope that one day my death will be as  honorable his. I am keeping the promise that I gave him. I am not standing alone and every new day adds to the number of supporters. Do not worry, for I will not rest until I get his revenge.

Long live Iran, indefeasible Ayine Rishehy, Tondar rules.

Mohsen Bapiri

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