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Failed terror attack on Mohsen Bapiri

mohsen-bapiri-1Last Thursday, September 27th 2012, Mohsen Bapiri, a member of the Kingdom Assembly of Iran (Anjomane Padeshahye Iran), was attacked in Bodø , Norway, by four agents of the Islamic Republic. He had been stabbed seven times and is under the care of Norwegian authorities in the hospital. The police was able to arrest one of the attackers. The other attackers were identified and are under prosecution. Mr. Bapiri has been predominantly injured  in the abdominal and chest area. He is recovering and is not in a critical stage. Mr. Bapiri is a senior member of the Kingdom Assembly of Iran and one of the leaders of Tondar.

In 1384 (2005 AD), Mr Bapiri and 180 other supporters of the Kingdom Assembly of Iran were arrested, accused of “acting against national security” and insulting the “Supreme Leader”, and been sentenced to three years in prison.

The sensitivity of the Islamic regime towards “Mohsen” is not only due to his experience and his past steps towards the goals of the “Kingdom Assembly of Iran”, but more due to the fact that his actions in the operation “Gerdab dar gerdab” (Undertow in undertow) resulted not only in irreparable injury to the body of  “Quds Force” intelligence, but it also proved their absurdity and incompetence. This shows that the real power of the Islamic regime lies only in their brutality and the support thereof by foreign powers.

In these days, in which the helpless Islamic regime is preparing for negotiations with the West, the regime has realized more than before that pro-Iranian powers, and foremost the Kingdom Assembly of Iran, will leave no room for appeasement or negotiations in the future of Iran. Furthermore, there will be no guarantee for the existence or maintenance of an “Islamic Wind in Iran”.

Iran will move towards Iranian culture and will walk over the the carcass of Islam to get there. No power or superpower will be able to stand in this way.

Today, the members of the Kingdom Assembly of Iran do not need to fear the killer commands of the Islamic Regime, but it is the Islamic agents that have to be afraid of the deadly hits of Tondar.

This has been the second failed terror attack by the Islamic Regime on Tondar members. The failed terror attack on “Mohsen” will not be the last misadventure of the Islamic Regime. We have not even opened fire yet.

Hereby we send another warning to the intelligence agents and combat teams of the Islamic regime, who terrorize the people of Iran.  Join the Kingdom Assembly of Iran before it is too late. As you have been told by your leaders we differ from other political groups and pseudo-oppositions. Know and be aware that we do not ask anyone’s permission to kill any of you.

Long live Iran, strong stands Ayineh Rshey, and the thrashing Thunder