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WTOP Radio on the Assassination Attempts of J. Sharmahd and Saudi Ambassador

The current assassination attempt to kill the Saudi Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir in Washington is highly comparable to the assassination plot for Tondar spokesman Jamshid Sharmahd in 2010.

In Sharmahd’s recent interview on WTOP Radio, JJ Green explains how in both cases foreign terrorist organizations like the Islamic Republic of Iran or Iran’s Quds force hire American residents for their spying or killing plots on US soil.

While their access to willing participants is concerning, the key problem with hiring a laymen is that their unprofessional work and failure make it easier for the US law enforcement to trace their work back to the terrorist recruiters who hired them.
Read more about JJ Greens stand on these assassination plots on the WTOP article.

To listen to extracts from the radio interview click wtop-2011-10-13-1  and on wtop-2011-10-13-2.

To read an in depth comparison of Jamshid Sharmahd’s case and Adel al-Jubeir’s case follow the link below to The Cutting Edge News website by STRATFOR analysts Scott Steward.

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  1. Yes it IS an act of war. But the commie-puppet tinsitg in charge will treat it just like the last commie-puppet-traitor, Bill Clinton. Clinton only slapped the wrists of the WTC bombers and it led to 9 11. When a Waste is tinsitg in the office of president, only further death and destruction will come to the American people by the refusal to act by that Waste.The sad thing is that the ramifications of Bill Clinton’s non-appropriate actions killed thousand of Americans and he got off free. Can you imagine if it had not been a commie-puppet-liberal who had done the same thing? The press would have been building the gallows.Clinton and Obama should be tried as traitors but it will never happen.Obama will get away with helping out his friends in Iran b/c the media will downplay this issue and make the sheeple believe this is simply a crime and not an act of war.

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