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A statement by the API in regards to the murders of “Mehdi Eslamian”

At dawn today, on May 9th, 2010, (19th of Ordibehesht), the Islamic Regime executed Mehdi Eslamian from Anjoman e-Padeshahi and 4 other courageous freedom fighters and activists of Iran.

The other 4 detainees executed are Farzad Kamangar, Ali Heydarian, Farhad Vakili from Hezbe Kargarane Kurdestan and Shirin Alam Holi.

The restless debates about human rights are futile. The sentence of execution by the Islamic Republic is based on the shameful laws of the Quran, of which one states (Ma’edeh, 33):

“The punishment of those who resist Allah and his prophet, and strive for corruption on earth (Striving for freedom and a better future is seen as corruption in the eyes of Islam), can not be but death, or to hang on a cross, or to have their arms and legs amputated in opposite directions, or else for them to disappear from this earth. This should be their suffering on this earth and in the afterlife a far worse punishment awaits them.”

Mehdi Eslamian is Mohsen Eslamian’s brother, who was executed last year for the supposed crime of participation in a mission that involved the explosion of the Basiji base in Hoseinieh Shiraz. Mehdi was detained for the allegation of financially assisting his brother. Meanwhile, similar to his brother, he was never a part of any armed resistance.

After the explosion of the Basiji base in Hoseinieh Shiraz, and the death of 24 basijis and Islamic Regime agents and 204 wounded active basijis, the Islamic regime, in an attempt to save face and maintain control, according to Islamic traditions, took Anjomane Padeshahi detainees to theatrical courts for an unjust and severe fate to appease their own supporters and display their so called control and strength. It’s exactly what they did the following year to another 11 Anjomane Padeshahi detainees, in the heat of widespread social resistance and unrest. However the preceding year, no one heard the voices of 3 of the detainees, Mohsen Eslamian, Ali Asghar Poshtar and Rouzbeh Yahyazadeh, not even a hint was reflected in the media. The courts and the judgments were held in secrecy because the regime was frightful of Anjoman’s members even in chains, and did not wish the name and implications of Anjoman e Padeshahi’s goals to become the talk of the general public. This strategy was not possible the following year when the Anjoman’s influence and involvement in the resistance was apparent. From the ministry of intelligence a theatrical report was made available to the news media which was in turn produced for the general public.

Mohsen Eslamian, Ali Asghar Poshtar and Rouzbeh Yahyazadeh were never a part of armed resistance. The Anjomane Padeshahi members involved in the explosion in the basiji base in Hoseinie Shiraz have not been found, detained or killed.

Last year, Anjomane Padeshahi in its statements and broadcasted messages, continuously insisted that Mohsen Eslamian and Ali Asghar Poshtar were both university activists in Shiraz, and Rouzbeh Yahyazadeh, a resident of Rasht. They were arrested at different times and for different reasons and were unaware of each other’s existence. Only for the purposes of a theatrical court appearance they were placed beside each other and said to have been involved in the same mission. Similar to what happened a year later when Mohamad Reza Alizamani appeared in court alongside Arash Rahmanipour for theatrical court appearances.

This satanic regime, following their shameful moral defeats in New York on the diplomatic stage, came to the realization that even their western masters and supporters have lost faith in the Islamic regime’s future. Every passing day they lose more credit and face and faith and it’s due to this helpless and pathetic demise that they have turned to killing and executing our beloved heroes of freedom.

Today the Islamic Republic spilled the blood of our country man Mehdi Eslamian, along side 4 other courageous souls of Iran, Farzad Kamangar, Ali Heydarian, Farhad Vakili and Shirin Alam Holi. We consider this group execution as a uniting force between and a common goal of all of the resisting forces of freedom, who are set in overthrowing this regime. This regime will receive the rebuttal of Anjomane Padeshahie Iran in the form of uniting all of the Iranian forces after freedom and destruction of this regime and creating the biggest and most dangerous opposition for the inevitable destruction of this shameful regime.

Long Live Iran and the traditional doctrines of Tondar

Anjoman-e Padeshahi-e Iran

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