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Zahra Bahrami has joined “Arash” and “Bardia”

Ms. Gordiyeh (Zahra Bahrami) has joined our friends Arash and Bardia.

On the morning of January 29th 2010, the Iranian-Dutch Zahra Bahrami, one of the members of Anjomane Padeshahie Iran, has been officially murdered in an execution initiated by the Islamic regime of Iran after one year of brutal torture in their prisons.

The Islamic Regime tried shamelessly to use all of their propaganda media to make the public believe that this woman was involved in drug smuggling to Iran thought the international drug mafia.

Despite these fabrications, the populace is completely aware that the Sepahe Pastaran of the Islamic Revolution is the main supplier and promoter of illegal drugs, weapons, and prostitution in Iran.

Ms. Zahra Bahrami, who lived in Europe, joined Anjomane Padeshahie Iran in the beginning of 2004 and started her public political work under the name “Gordiyeh”. She published her political protest and regime-opposing messages through the satellite TV station “Your TV”, which is the TV station of Anjomane Padeshahy managed by Dr. Froud Fouladvand. She carried on her public political work in the Netherlands and United Kingdom until 2006. After 2006 she discontinued her public work and stoppe her appear in public places.

At the peak of the post re-election protests in Iran, Gordiyeh picked up her political work once again and returnd to Iran to join the demonstrations. After her participation in the protests on the day of “Ashoura”, in December 2009, she was arrested for her past political activities and brutally tortured by the regime, which forced her to fake confessions in a TV broadcasted show trial. The execution of Ms. Gordiyeh deeply wounds the souls of all her colleagues of the group. She sacrificed her life for the freedom of Iran and stood strong through an entire year of torture without revealing the names of her partners. We salute Ms. Gordiyeh and all true members of Anjomane padeshahy, who keep the “Drafshe Kaviani” flag upright in our homeland and teach the freedom fighters in Iran the art of battle and defense.

We swear by the pure soul of this heroine that we will take revenge of her shed blood by this malicious regime. Our fight will continue until the very last traces of this Islamic evil that has infected Iran for 1400 years are removed and “Ayine Rishehi”, the fundamental human rights based on Iranian culture, is reestablished.

This regime has reached the end of its brazen existence, but it will continue to take the lives of our people until its very last breath. We call upon the daughters and sons of Iran to join the effective “Tondar” movement and be prepared for the last fight.

Payandeh Iran, bar gharar Ayine Rishei, va koobande Tondar.

Anjomane Padeshahie Iran

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