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Execution of “Arash” and “Bardia”

On Thursday January 28th 2010 the Islamic Regime executed two API members who had been in custody.

Mohamad-Reza Ali-Zamani (known as Bardia within the organization), leader of the “Simorghe Ariay”, had been arrested in fall of 2009. He was put on trial for “pursuing activities that aim at the regime’s downfall”. After the elections he was represented in a show trial as one of the people who were involved in post-electoral riots.

Arash Rahmanpour (known as Roozbehan 50150 within the organization) had already been arrested in Spring 2009, which was before the so called elections took place. Nevertheless, he was later also presented as another post-electoral troublemaker in the same show trial as Bardia.

They both had been tortured for month in advance in order to force them to commit to everything the regime requested from them in the so-called “courtroom”.

First they were shown in prison clothes at the show trial, while hardly two weeks later one could watch their “confessions”, as a result of excessive blackmailing and torture, on “Press TV”. Although, this time they were dressed in civil clothing in a nice and casual ambience of a cozy apartment. The purpose of this TV appearance was to present them both as victims of the API, with the hope that viewers would be turned away from Tondar and such “evil” oppositions.

The regime went to the greatest length to produce such propaganda, yet, all their efforts backfired on them. The numbers of people who wanted to join the API and TONDAR movement have been rising ever since, and our philosophy and way of fighting is turning into the philosophy of the whole opposition.

The attempt to convince moderate reformers to distance themselves from “radical methods” failed. The days when the Islamic Regime was internationally taken seriously belong to the past as well, and more and more governments doubt that this so called “republic” will be able to stay in power much longer.

More and more Persian youth have seen the sincerity and seriousness in our words and actions, which is needed in this battle. Now, neither millions invested in propaganda inside and outside of Iran, nor the support of Arabic or Western countries will be able to save the regime. In the streets of Iran the API has the Islamic Republic in a stranglehold and will not let go until this evil is removed.

It is time for the Gandhi-type-revolutionaries to face reality; the Islamic Regime cannot and will not surrender to discussions, begging, or pleading. Their reasoning is based on the Koran, and the Koran is the epitome of armed force and violence.

Bardi and Arash are neither the first ones nor will they be the last ones who are killed in the fight for freedom. We swear to avenge them and remove the remaining Arab invaders from our motherland. We will fight until “Aiine Rishei”, the constitution rooted in traditional Persian Culture, will be reestablished in Iran.

We are willing to pay any price to reach this goal.

The Islamic regime is weak and despairing. It is high time to join Tondar.

Payande Iran, bar gharar Aine Rishei, Koobandde Tondar.