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Anjoman-e Padeshahi-e Iran (API)

“Anjoman e-Padeshahi-e Iran” (انجمن پادشاهی ایران) API is now called in English as “The Kingdom Assembly of Iran” to be translated, was founded more than twenty years ago. The founders were eleven people; ten of them lived in Iran. Their names are not disclosed to public for security reasons, except one person by the name of “Forud Fouladvand” the co-founder and spokesman of API who lived in Egypt for fourteen years before he moved to London, England in late 1990’s.

The term “Padeschahi” (پادشاهی) underlines our commitment to our tradition, meaning the head of the Iranians as a great ancient nation has always been called Padeshah (پادشاه), “Shah” (شاه) or “Shahanshah (شاهنشاه). In ancient Iran the word of “Shah” or King in English language had been used for great things or persons to show respect. “One may equate Shah at this point not simply a king or emperor, but a great person who is leading his/her country. Traditionally in Iran before Islam attacked and destroyed our culture and traditions, Shah was part or the head of a supreme council,(Anjoman, انجمن)leading the state, and there were many other local councils to manage the local governments. In ancient Iran many community jobs were done by councils (Anjoman, انجمن) from the very top level to the level of ordinary people to manage their neighborhood needs. So that Shah was a person who was given power by people to lead the country or empire. Unfortunately since 1400 years ago when Islam was enforced to Iran, our councils consulting tradition was replaced by monarchy which was Arabs tradition. Although occasionally some of the Iranian kings or monarchs such as Reza Shah and Mohammad Reza Shah, took some steps toward our tradition but it was not enough. On the other side the religious rules and traditions of Islam were so powerful in our community that made many problems to those kings who wanted to overthrow the Arabic/Islamic traditions. Now after thirty years of having Islamic government and Islamic rulers, Iranian people have realized what we had before Islam and what have we lost during 14oo years of adapting foreign cultures and tradition. We believe that our people are ready now to re adapt our Iranian tradition and rebuild our country with our hands and using our ideas. We are not against any nation or ethnic group, we respect every nation and we will keep our friendship with all nations but we want to rebuild our country based on our great traditions.

“Anjoman-e Padeshahi Iran) API believes we can rebuild our country, Iran, by using our great traditions in a modern way and getting help from new technology. This is what distinguishes us from opposition groups, who call themselves monarchists or constitutional monarchists. We are not monarchists and we believe the future Shah of Iran is somebody who is fighting against the Islamic government and Islamic traditions and fighting for the real Iranian traditions not according the pervious constitution which was very similar to the Islamic government constitution. The Shah of Iran will be elected by Iranians in a free, democratic and flaw less election after several months to a year of educating Iranian people about their rights, the value of their votes and about our great history as one of the first civilized nations. We do not believe in monarchy constitution so that we do not believe Mr. Reza Pahlavi is the Prince of Iran. He is the son of Mohammad Reza Shah, and our spokesman Mr. Fouladvand worked with him for twenty two years to help him to be the future shah, but he never has showed his interest and ability to be the head of our nation. Although we respect him as an Iranian and as the son of our last shah but we will not vote for him to be our leader. We deeply believe shah should be a person with great responsibilities to defend all Iranians and our country. She/he will work hard to be there for every single Iranian, and defend their rights. She/he will lead us to clean up our culture from Islamic culture and get back our dignity and civilization.

“Anjoman-e Pahdeshahi Iran” API, based on our historical constitution and ancient tradition has established and written a pure Iranian constitution, called “Aein-e Rishehii” or original rules as translated in English. “Aein-e Rishehii”, the original rules, which from now on we call it Iranian constitution had been written originally about twenty years ago and had been revised twice by the founders of API. Per this constitution even after it would be established as an official constitution in Iran it should be revised every twenty years to keep up with new and modern civilization and the norm of the industrial nations and the rest of the world.

API freedom fighters, in name of “Tondar”, Thunder in English, has started their activities in any possible field to overthrow the Islamic government, root out Islam from Iranians life as a dominant culture and religion, educate people to rebuild Iran as a great nation as she has been for thousands of years. We are fighting against inhumanity of Islam and the Islamic government in Iran for last few years, which includes, educating our people to get familiar with our history, and fight for their human rights; encouraging them to read Quran in Farsi especially listening the DVDs of translation and interpretation of Quran, provided by Dr. Fouladvand, to have a better and clear understanding of its devilish ideas; leading people to protest against the government; and removing of those inhuman people who are helping the Islamic government to stay and kill, rape and torture our young generation. We believe to get back our dignity needs a tremendous effort from all Iranians to take action in all fields including political, economical, cybernetic, technological and military actions.

We advise the foreign countries if they really want a stable world especially a stable middle east, if they want to prevent wars, terrors and bloodshed, and if they really want human rights for everybody, as they claim, they should act now to boycott the Islamic government and give moral support to Iranian people who are fighting for their rights and die on the streets, in the prisons, and in their own houses every single day. By removing the Islamic government in Iran there is no need to spend time and money to prevent them of having atomic bombs, and the Middle Eastern countries will live in peace. We do not need any military action to be taken by any foreign government. We have hit the stronghold of this government and it will fall down soon by Iranian people, so what we need from the other nations is just moral support to those people who are fighting and die for their basic rights, not to support the terrorist Islamic government who has destabilized the whole world since 1979.

We believe in ourselves and we will see our victory soon.

Long live Iran; Long may it exist “Aein-e Rishehii”, (the Iranian constitution); Long may it exist strong strikes of “Tondar”.

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